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Howdy! This is Brian, and I am Left Hand Jelly.

Being the other black sheep of the family, I've always blazed my own trail. As a Tex-centric naturalist and a journeyman of life, my path has led me to this point.

I make Jelly. As a rebel all my life, my products are the Kaiju of jelly. An uncompromising, unconventional, irreverent, 50 foot monster of jelly, just like Godzilla.

Left Hand Jelly—you either get it, or your don’t. But don’t worry. With all the jellies I make, one of them will get you. It’s "jelly so good it’ll open your eye".


Left Hand Jelly is a family-owned and operated cottage industry business. Each and every product is crafted with love, straight from my kitchen to yours. Each jar is freshly minted with our Left Hand Jelly stamp of approval before it heads out the door.


These Texas pepper jellies will lend some magic to just about everything you make. Just pick one. It'll be the kick your cooking needs, I guarantee it.

I try whenever possible to grow, handpick, and use fruit or other produce from family and friends, or other local sources. The ingredients that I use to produce the next step in the evolution of the peppered jelly.

These handcrafted, small-batch jellies are a bold, full-out assault on your preconceptions of what jelly is or can be. Left Hand Jelly is blazing a brave new vision of "La Frontera" pioneering the use of mesquite smoke and chili pequins. They’re just like grandma used to make, using what’s available, with a 21st-century b*tch slap. Like outlaw country, these jellies feel comfortable, but put that twang in your life.

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